About Us

Our company aims to create quality data driven solutions that will meet the needs of all our customers. We offer a broad range of services in data processing such as Big Data and Machine Learning and strive to create meaningful reporting solutions and BI strategies. Our team is always determined to find the best solution for the task at hand and provide the expertise our customers need to implement their projects.

Stuff We Do

Big data

Transform your unstructured datasets into meaningful structures using Spark and Hadoop on both AWS and Azure. Prepare your data to use BI techniques and ML algorithms.

Reports & BI

Transform your data into meaning with reporting and BI techniques. Get insight from your data that will help you make better decisions.

Mobile & Web development

Create end-to-end data-driven mobile and web applications that are completely scalable. Get meaningful data from your applications and improve them using ML algorithms and user behavior.

Machine learning & AI

Get the missing piece of the puzzle... Use ML algorithms to extract additional knowledge from your data. Create strategy using AI that will improve your future decisions.

Image processing

Having problems with your computer vision? We can help you see better. With the help of image processing algorithms and deep learning you can extract any real world scenario into meaningful data.

Web scraping

No API? No problem! With web scraping and web crawling, you can still get the data from any website and generate your own data.

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